Hello, I'm Andrew Banonis!

About Me

I am currently a student and software developer in my freetime.


This is me, Andrew. I make cool things on computers which then create even more cool things! There's not much to know about me I guess. I would say what I do in my freetime but my freetime is all the time which is when I am doing cool things on computers. I also like to fly drones I guess. But yeah, that's me :)


My skills

So since I have no life and I sit in front of a computer all day, I think it's important to share what I have learned during these times of being in front of a screen.

  • Python

    A good and powerful language which I primarily use.

  • JavaScript

    The language of the web.

  • HTML

    Not a programming language, but it is what's powering this website which is cool.

  • CSS

    Also not a programming language but it is also powering this website alongside HTML which is, once again, pretty cool.