Hello, I'm Andrew Banonis!

About Me

I do cool things most people don't do.


Hi, I'm Andrew! Right now, I am a student in 10th grade. In my freetime I enjoy coding cool things in Python, HTML, CSS designing networks. Currently, I am working on making an internet provider and starting my own IT consulting company.


My brain packed knowledge

Here's what I've learned from being in front of a computer for a while (all day, everyday).

  • Python

    A good and powerful language which I primarily use for my projects.

  • HTML and CSS

    The languages of the web. I started learning web design a few months ago and have been enjoying it ever since.

  • Networking

    IP addresses, MAC addresses, routers, switches, and more. It's all very cool stuff I enjoy playing around with.

  • IT Consulting

    I figured that maybe I could put all of my good knowledge to good work. So I started an IT consulting company in my town.